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Just because you want to get away or live off the land, there is no reason to rough it.

For Sale see  MLS #1317471 or MLS #1317506


Here is our compound. We are well off the beaten path, many local folks do not even know we are back here because to get here you have to drive through the Garden Center at the pavement.

There are two small airports in the area, Waterville, 20 minutes, and Pittfield, 10 minutes. Plus a fellow on Morgan Rd has a private landing strip.

The compound consists of a large two story Gambrel Roof House with upscale open living space and various workshops, the Detached Garage with two very large bays and two smaller bays and the second floor ready to be turned into living space. All of this on 21 acres. There is a separate 3 Bedroom Ranch on 10 acres, which is set up to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Most of the power in Maine comes down from Canada and from local wind turbines, plus we have a propane generator with fuel enough to run a full 7 days. Have you read Ted Kopell's book, "Lights Out"?

Being in the woods we have a well (12gal/min) and septic system.

The house is built on a foundation of 4' frost walls with a floating slab for the first floor.

The rest of the house is stick construction using 2 x 6 framing for the walls and some very large trusses for the floor joists and roof trusses.

We opted for radiant floor heat.  This has served us well and since the floor and everything tends to radiate heat, we can keep the thermostat at about 68 and feel comfortable.    With 6 inches of insulation in the walls and 24 inches in the ceiling, the house stays nice and warm in winter and is easy to cool in summer.

All the windows are double glazed and the double hung windows tilt in for cleaning. The entrance doors all have storm doors with screens for summer.

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Aerial View
This is the Realtors Drone Photo of the house.
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Aerial View
This is Google Earth view of the area around the compound.
It is an approximation, see the survey plot for details.
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Aerial View
This is the Google Earth view of the Main House and Garage.
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Aerial View
This is the Google Earth view of the Rental House.
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Aerial View
This is the survey map, shown as three lots, but it has not been subdivided.
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Aerial View
This view shows the distance from the pavement
The first cluster of buildings at the road are Maplecroft Nursery.

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Property Features 

Being on the back side of a business means most people assume that the road is just for the Nursery. Many a time people have followed my directions to get to the house and were surprised that there was anything behind the Nursery.

There is a generator with a 600 Gallon Propane tank that will run the generator for 7 days straight, day and night. It would last a very long time running it just when needed.

The tower picks up all the major Networks, some Networks can be found on multiple channels.

The raised beds for gardening vegetables helps keep us fed through the winter and spring.

The two fire places can keep the upstairs comfortable even on -0 days. And the chimney has an unused flue on the first floor.
With 32 acres, there is plenty of firewood for years to come.

The 12GPM well runs off the generator.

Buying the entire compound, 30+ acres, includes the Gambrel House and Detached Garage which can be turned into living space, and the ranch style house as well.
Also the first floor of the Gambrel House can easily be turned into another separate living space.

Main House Features 

The Main House has some interesting features. Many of the lights are on X10 remote control, the ceiling fans in the MBR and fireplace area are remote control and the whole house fan is on a timer and remote controls. The heat thermostats are programmable in all six heat zones; MBR, Guest Suite, Living Area, Foyer and shop. Even getting away from the maddening crowd does not mean you have to be uncomfortable. Also, the garage doors and entry doors are all on programmable key pads. So if you forget your keys you can still get in.

An interesting feature of the property is that being in Burnham, the High School is Main Central Institute, a private school with students from around the world.

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These are the various controls for the X10 devices.
The Universal remote sits at the top of the stairs because one button turns off(or on) all X10 lights.
The smaller ones are used elsewhere, the larger white one sits between our chairs. In the winter when I hear my wife open the garage door,
I turn lights on and off as I hear her come through the house and up the stairs.
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These are the switches at the top of the stairs.
The number sticker on the plate is the circuit breaker for the switches.
In this case it is on the Generator Breaker panel, breaker 9.
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Not all devices are controled via a switch. Some lights simply plug into a control plugged into the wall.
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This is the Whole House Fan Timer. It can be set to 1, 2, 4, or 8 Hours or Hold.
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Whole House Fan
Once the timer is set, this control turns on one or both fans.
The air comes in through whatever windows we have open and gets blown out through the attic cooling the house down.
The cool breeze feels nice and when you go to bed the timer runs out the fan(s) turn off.
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Ceiling Fans
The Master Bed Room Fan and overhead lights are controled by this remote.
There are two identical controls that control both fans and lights.
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Ceiling Fans
The Master Bed Room Fan and overhead lights.
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Ceiling Fans
The Fireplace Area Fan and overhead light.
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Garage Entry
Of coarse there are remotes for the garage doors for the cars.
In addition the garage has an entry pad on the outside which is programmable for each door allowing entry to the garage without having to go inside.
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Garage Entry
The detached garage also has an entry pad with separate codes for each door.
There is also an outside receptacle and an outside switch for the light up in the eave shining on the dooryard.
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House Entry
The three outside doors to the house have programmable keypad entry locks.
They are not hard to program and hold multiple codes so a code can be set for when guests are around and then the code removed.
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Garage Light
The detached garage has a light switch outside to turn on the lights for going up the stairs.
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Guest Stair Light
The Guest Room stairs have an outside switch for the entry stairs.
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Kitchen Hot Water
There is a Bronze Circulator with a timer for the hot water supply to the Kitchen sink. It is set to have near instant hot water at the sink during breakfast, dinner and all day Saturday and Sunday.
There is a similar one under the MBR Sink.
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Mechanical Room
This is the Furnace, Heat Distribution, Hot Water Tank, Well Tank and Water softener.
You can also see the water filter behind the water softener.
The Green Taco box on the wall is the multi zone heat control, MBR, Living Space, Guest Suite, Craft room/Foyer/Bathroom, Shop and Water Heater.
Using oil as the primary fuel the house uses about 950 gallons a year for heat and hot water.
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MBR Thermostat. We actually only change the temperature between 4:00am and 6:00am.
This makes sure the floor is warm when we get up.
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This is the Transfer Switch for the generator outside under the guest room stairs.
The downstairs breaker panel is also shown, as is the invisible dog fence control.
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A close up of the Transfer Switch/Breaker Panel.

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Last updated 07/15/2018